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About Sandra

I am a 200 hour certified Yoga instructor who has been teaching in Winnipeg, MB, since 2012.

I believe that anyone and everyone can and would benefit from practising Yoga. It’s not about being the most flexible, strongest, thinnest, muscular, fit, most (insert your own idea here), it’s about showing up to your mat wherever you are in life and trying your best.

I teach classes without any expectation besides this – just do YOUR best. I encourage students to be accepting of themselves and their bodies and respect where their body wants to take them in their practice.

I have been trained to teach Hatha style, alignment focused Yoga classes. I have taught in various settings, including Yoga Studios and Community Centres, providing a variety of class styles including Yin, Flow, and Beginner. 

In 2016 I completed additional training through Yoga in my School, focused on teaching Yoga to children with various and special needs. I have combined my professional development and experience over the last 8 years in the Social Services field, where I worked with children and youth with different needs, including FASD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, with my Yoga experience, to provide the Your Best Kids Programming from a strength based, relationship focused model. 

If you are looking for a Yoga instructor for private or group classes in or around Winnipeg MB, please contact me at: