When I am Doing my Best... with the creator of Mieroglyphs!

Something you may not know about me? I love quotes. Like, LOVE them. I have them posted on my corkboard in my office at work to inspire me throughout the day. The lock screen on my phone will display one I need to see on a regular basis – it’s currently the “our deepest fear” quote from Marianne Williamson. I have the word “Trust” tattooed on my ankle as a reminder to “trust the journey”. Basically, for me, when I am looking to be inspired/motivated/encouraged/lifted up or validated… I’m turning to words. 

I’m also a fan of bracelets. 

Think those two things don’t go together at all? Think again!

Mieroglyphs (like Hieroglyphs but with an "M") is a company started by Tyson Auer, who also finds inspiration from quotes. His company makes bracelets, which he then engraves by hand (seriously, I double checked and asked him if he REALLY does this himself by hand and he said he does) with the customers favorite and customized quote. The quotes are actually engraved on the INSIDE of the bracelet, so you can walk around completely inspired by something that no one else even needs to know about! Their tagline is “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” which I find quite charming and very fitting for their product. They also refer to the “Miero” as your own hidden tattoo – but you know, way less permanent ;). Check out their company vision here for more details on the bracelets. 

Photos from mieroglyphs.com

Photos from mieroglyphs.com

Naturally, I wanted to know what it looks like for Tyson when he is doing his best – and engraving bracelets by hand – and this is what he had to share:

“To me doing my best can probably be summed up by my favorite quote – “stay hungry, stay foolish”. As long as I follow these words I am always staying hungry to better myself and my surroundings and by staying foolish I am always following my heart. It’s the quote I wear inside my Miero.” 

I’m currently teaming up with Mieroglyphs to spread the word on their products AND if you want to get your very own Miero, you will get FREE SHIPPING on your orders with the coupon code SANDRAYOGA. That may not seem like a big deal, but when I ordered my bracelet, shipping was $10.00 so that’s a pretty good saving! I ordered the Aztec bracelet and have it engraved with “just do your best”.

Visit their page here: http://www.mieroglyphs.com/

As always, I would love to know what it looks like when you do your best and if you leave a comment before Oct. 31 you will be entered to win passes to the “Go with the Flow” class for you and a friend in November! 

* Disclosure: I am involved with Mieroglyphs Affiliate Program