What Style of Yoga is Right for Me?

As Yoga continues to grow in popularity, there are an overwhelming number of classes to choose from, and whether you’re a beginner or a well-seasoned practitioner, it can be intimidating and confusing deciding on a class. It’s important to understand that there are styles of yoga and brands of Yoga. For example Moksha is a brand of Yoga that provides many different styles of classes. I loved this handy visual that I found online here. I feel like it really gets right to the key points of each style of Yoga. 

Visual from greatist.com

Visual from greatist.com

The classes that I teach are always Hatha based. I have been taught with a focus on alignment, so there are always plenty of verbal cues, demonstration and adjustments (with permission). Some of my classes are more of a flow style, moving from one pose to the next without a break. Some of the flow style classes are gentle and some will work up a sweat! Typically I like to find a balance week to week, so students can focus on both their active and physical practices - building strength and stamina – as well as their quiet practice – focusing on their breath, being still in body and mind and getting a great stretch. 

Be sure to check back next week as I share my thoughts on the often tricky question of: Yin and Restorative – What’s the Difference?