Real Life: I Quit my Job - Did I make the Right Choice?

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September 27th, 2016

I quit - Did I make the right choice?

Book of Answers - Fortune telling by book :) 

Book of Answers - Fortune telling by book :) 

I was recently told a story of someone who gave in a resignation letter after deciding it was time to leave their current position. This person applied, interviewed, and was hired on for a new position and provided two weeks-notice to their current employer. This person then reportedly cried every day for the next two-weeks. Needless to say, they are still at the job they originally resigned from.

This is not my story.

Handing in my resignation notice was not easy. It was scary and I would even say I felt a bit uncertain. The night before I asked my boyfriend tearfully if he thought I was making a huge mistake (he didn’t). I thought I may have a panic attack in the car driving in to the office that day - sweaty palms sliding on the steering wheel. Something you may not know about me - I am certainly someone who listens to her “gut”. I feel like I have a strong sense of whether something I am doing is right for me, because if it isn’t, it won’t feel right to me, and I listen to that. I was well braced for that feeling should it come.

But it didn’t.

Today, 4 days later, I feel surer than ever that I have made the right choice. Not because I am miserable at work or because my stress levels are too high, but because when I was showering this morning I had a million ideas that I wanted to act on for my Yoga business, and I was sad that I had to drive to work instead of walk to my home office and put these ideas into action. It’s because as I parked my car at the office, I didn’t think of my to-do list for my day job, I thought about the to-do list for my Yoga business. It’s because when I am at the office I am thinking about the classes I am going to teach this evening.

Leaving this job just feels right. Scary, but right. I guess only time will tell.

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