A Holiday PSA: Just Do Your Best


I'll admit it...I LOVE the holidays!!! I get excited to spend a couple days with family eating all the food, having a few (too many) glasses of wine, and giving people gifts that I have been impatiently waiting for them to open. I find comfort in the tradition and sameness of each year, as well as the new memories that can be created. 

However, I know this is not the case for everyone.

So this year, my wish for you - those who find more feelings of pressure and stress at this time of year, those who have to drive all over the city dividing time between families, those who are dreading the trip to the mall or grocery store for those last minute gifts and treats - is that you drop any and all expectations of yourself and just do. your. best. 

Do you hate wrapping gifts? Just get gift bags and tissue - it's a lot easier and quicker! 

Do you dread the large grocery bills? Maybe this Free App that pays you to grocery shop will help out? 

Do you hate the mall? Last minute gifts can be purchased online! Just print the lucky recipient out the order confirmation and let them know they will have their gift shipped to their door in however many number of days. (Gift ideas here or here)

Do you have Christmas baking or cooking left to do? You may be able to purchase delicious treats for a similar cost to purchasing the supplies you need to bake and decorate all those cookies! Save yourself a bit of time. 

The point is, whether you have dreaded this time of year for as long as you can remember, or, for whatever reason, this year is especially hard, just do your best and stop aiming for perfection. Perfection and expectation are the cause of a lot of stress (I know this from experience ;)). But when you give yourself a break and show yourself some kindness and compassion, you may just end up with some extra time on your hands that can be spent in the bathtub, at a restaurant for a meal cooked by someone else, or simply at home, by yourself, with nothing else to worry about! 

No matter where you are or what your Holidays will look like, I am wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday filled with the love of others and love for yourself.