Your Best Yoga Manifesto: Meet People where They're at

When I decided that I wanted to start my own Yoga program, it wasn't just because I wanted to teach more. It was because I wanted to create a space and program that I could infuse with my own thoughts and values about practising Yoga. I feel like my manifesto for the Your Best Yoga program touches on each of the values that I hope to bring to the program and I want to spend some time "breaking down" each line of it for better understanding. Read more about the first and second line of the Manifesto here and here! You'll notice I have skipped the third line of the Manifesto - Just do your best - as I feel I have covered that in many a blog post already :) 

My professional background is in Social Services. I have worked closely with people from all walks of life for the past 8 years, forming relationships and building rapport with complete strangers, asking them to take my help. The number one, most important rule that I would share about working successfully with people is meeting them where they are at. So what does that look like? If where you are at is not being able to touch your toes, that is where I will meet you and we won't be starting classes with deep forward folds. If  where you are at is having a sore back, then that is where I will meet you, and I will provide you with cautionary notes and modifications to ensure you won't do more harm to your back as we move through the practice. I am not coming in to our meeting with expectations of my own, you are the one leading. I am not coming to teach a class based on my needs, I am coming to teach a class that meets the needs of the participants. So this line of the manifesto, is sort of like my pledge to you, future student. I will meet you where you are at, no matter where that is, and then we will move forward  together. 

Sign up today for the Your Best Yoga Beginner class (only 8 spots left!) or one of the Slow Flow Classes - All Classes start February 24th :)