Yoga Props: How to Make Your own Yoga Bolster - No Sewing Required!

Yoga Bolsters are one of my favourite Yoga Props to use. When I arrive to a class and the teacher asks us to get a bolster, I know some lovely restorative poses are coming up and I'm about to feel realllllyyyy relaxed ;) Yoga Bolsters can range in price and quality of course, so I wanted to try my hand at making my own before investing my dollars in a more pricey one ($60 - $100). This home-made bolster cost me about $25.00 to make in total, and I'm actually quite impressed with how it turned out. It's firm, but not hard, and it's a good length and depth for my body shape. The entire process took me less than an hour - and that included a small crisis with the liquid stitch, which I ended up throwing away and not using at all. Keep reading to find out how you can make your very own Yoga Bolster - no sewing required! 

What You Will Need: 



1 Foam Pool Noodle - $1.00 at Dollarama

1 Flannelette* Pillow Case - Free, as I used an extra one I had at home 

1 Bag of Cotton Batting

1 Package of Adhesive Velcro - $1.50 each (I bought two to be safe)

Packing Tape


Sharpie marker

Measuring Tape

*You can use a cotton or other type of pillow case if that's what you have. 

Step 1: 

Measure the pool noodle and mark it with the sharpie in the middle. Fold the noodle in half and use scissors to cut it. You want your two pieces to be as equal in length as possible. Use your packing tape to secure the two pieces together side by side. 

Step 2: 

Take your cotton batting out the bag and fold it in half once so you have a double layer. Place the pool noodles on the far end of one side (not like in the picture) and roll them up in the blanket. 

Step 3: 

Secure the cotton with packing tape. 

(I also placed a long strip of tape over the rough edge of cotton so it was smooth - sorry for the lack of photo)

Step 4:

Place your bolster in the pillow case, making sure you push it all the way into one corner of the case. 

Pull the fabric tight around the bolster and cut the pillow case, leaving enough room to add the velcro to attach the pillow case together. Put the piece of pillow case that you cut off aside as we will use it later. 

Step 5: 

Press the adhesive velcro strip on to the outside  piece first, then pull it tight and mark where your attaching piece of velcro needs to go. You want the material to stay in place once velcro-ed. 

Step 6: 

Use the piece of pillow case that you cut off and place it over the bolster so that one corder of the bolster is in the one corner of the pillowcase. Once again, pull the fabric tightly and make your cut. 

Step 7: 

Back of bolster

Back of bolster

I was able to simply tuck the fabric in to the velcro-ed piece and because it was flannelette, it stayed in place. You can always use adhesive velcro on this part as well if you use another type of pillow case. 

And here is the finished product!!!! 

It's really quite simple - I literally made this process up as I went along, which is why some of the photo's are missing details - and took less than an hour to complete. You can make a variety of changes to make this bolster suit your needs - add another piece of pool noodle to make it wider, wrap an old towel around the pool noodles before you roll it in the cotton batting to make it thicker etc. 

Check back in a couple weeks to see some of my favourite restorative poses to do with this Yoga Prop. I'd also LOVE to know if you make one of these yourself, so be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below, sending me your pictures or tagging me in them on Instagram @sandrayogawpg.