Real Life: What Makes your Life feel Full?

As I’ve documented on the blog before, I recently changed my work schedule to 3 days per week as opposed to 5, in order to have more time to put toward starting Your Best Yoga. This was only a temporary situation and after 6 months, I am back to my full time gig again. As I knew my term was coming to an end I started feeling really anxious. Before I went to 3 days per week I was starting to feel really burnt out, exhausted and frankly, uninspired. My life was running from work, to teaching and then mustering up some energy to watch a bit of Netflix before heading to bed and starting over again the next day (as documented in this real life post). Having those 2 extra days off had given me new life, although less money to us in it, and I was feeling more motivated and inspired to work toward my goals. I certainly didn’t spend that extra time laying on the couch or partying my free time away. I worked hard, taught lots, promoted my business, solidified goals and plans to achieve them, and completed various renovation projects in the house! My life was no less “busy” having two days off work, but it was more full. I have thought a lot about how I can maintain that feeling of fullness being back to work 5 days a week and wanted to share my ideas on the blog. I think it is easy for us to get stuck in a routine and end up living for the weekend, especially if you aren’t in your dream career situation. Until I am able to work independently, running my Yoga business, teaching and moving my body everyday as my career, I am trying to use these strategies to keep my spirits lifted and my life feeling full. Maybe these ideas will inspire you too!

1. Schedule time to work on your side hustle

If you have a “side hustle” – whether it will always be a side job or you want to transition it to your full time job eventually – I’ve found it’s important and helpful to schedule the time you need to work on it for a couple reasons.

- To keep you from working on it and thinking about it every second of every day, not leaving time for much else

- To keep you from putting it off until it’s Sunday evening and you haven’t written your blog post for Monday morning yet (…oops!)

By scheduling nights of the week that I will work on Your Best Yoga for a few hours, I not only look forward to spending time creating, sequencing, learning, and checking off my to do list, I also feel assured that what I need to get done, will get done, without feeling guilty when I’m doing other things.

2. Plan to do a “weekend activity” on a weeknight

Whether it’s a round of sunset golf, going shopping, getting together with girlfriends, or working in my garden, I have made a commitment to make time to do some of the things I love doing on the weekend, during the week! It makes a mundane Wednesday in the office more exciting when you have something to look forward to later that evening.

3. Don’t push your health and wellness practice aside because you feel tired

Now, I don’t mean if you are exhausted and unwell you should push through and hit the gym. I mean that after a day at work, I often feel depleted, but, what I have noticed is if I sit on the couch, and settle in for the evening because I’m tired, I don’t feel any better. If I get moving - a walk, bike-ride, Yoga practice, even cooking a nice meal - I feel way more energised after!

What I have found to be true is when you are doing things you love, are passionate about, and that fill you up, time seems to expand. My evenings haven’t gotten any longer, but by incorporating all the things that filled me up when I had those extra days off, my whole life doesn’t feel ruled by my 9-5.