Yoga Music Playlist


Compiling a Yoga playlist can be tricky. You don't want the music to overpower or distract from the practice, and it needs to be the right tempo for the type of practice you are moving through. Should you include songs with lyrics or without? Should the songs be recognizable or more obscure? (You don't want someone to be pulled out of focus because a song you play brings up a strong memory for them) Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite music to play during flow style yoga classes. I have included a list of songs and albums that I often use for my class playlists, and offer tips as to what point of the practice the song would suit best - some songs are great for opening and building a Yoga practice and some are great for Savasana. Keep reading for my Yoga music playlist!  

Album: Yoga Music - 100 Minutes (For Yoga, Spa and Massage) by "Yoga Tribe" 

Why I love it: This album is all instrumental music - lots of flutes, strings, etc. I also like that they have included with each song title, whether the song should be used for the opening practice, "building" yoga (slightly more up-tempo songs with more percussion, great during sun salutations etc.), or closing/savasana. I often use this album during my restorative classes as well and always receive positive feedback from students. 

Song: Elephants Instrumental by Rachael Yamagata

When to play it: I almost always open my classes with this song. It's short and opens with simple piano, but builds with additional instruments and is just a stunning and beautiful piece of music (in my opinion). 

Song: Dream by Pricilla Ahn

When to play it: I usually bring this song in when we are warming up the body, as the tempo picks up a little bit. I also have found it to be a nice song to practice balancing poses to!

Song: Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow

When to play it: I like this song when Sun Salutations or some form of flowing movement with the breath comes in. Nothing like lifting your heart up in Upward Dog as he sings about that "Higher Love" :).

Song: Tonight by Lykki Li

When to play it: I usually place this song in the middle of my playlist, maybe one or two songs before the tempo of music shifts to pure relaxation. I find the repetitive lyrics in this song a bit meditative even. 

Song: Chidananda by Deva Premal and Miten

When to play it: This song is 8 minutes long and a nice slow tempo. I usually play it at the end of the class during my final stretches, right before Savasana. It sort of lulls you into a lovely state of rest. 

Song: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu by Lana Sugarman

When to play it: This song is also on the long side at 8 minutes. I sometimes interchange the previous song and this one depending on the day, and like to keep it toward the end, right before Savasana. (FYI: the general translation of this song title is "may all beings everywhere be happy and free" - so you can send those vibes to your students during this one)

Song: Savasana by Josh Brill

When to play it: Well, obviously during Savasana :) 

What are your "must haves" on your Yoga Music Playlist??