The New Year's Resolution Post

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I am so excited to be ushering in this New Year and fresh start. I find so much joy and anticipation in the idea that we have no clue what this year has in store for us, and to further that point, when I reflect back on last year, there were things that happened I would never have foreseen. So, here's to 2017! Let's make this year the best year 'til next year :) 

Let's set Goals and Crush them! Even more, let's feel free to speak our goals out loud without fear of judgement. I truly believe that sharing your goals out loud speaks life into them and helps make them happen! 

Let's take in more POSITIVE media! We know that our lives are inundated with media - social media, TV, advertisements etc. - and so much of that media is negative and potentially harmful. Let's make a point of tuning in to positive media sources! I've been listening to motivational podcasts while I am at the gym and I must say, after my workout, it feels like my mind, body, and spirit have all been tuned up! 

Let's move our bodies because it feels good, not because we feel bad about them. I personally am NOT motivated by shaming or being yelled at like I'm on a reality TV show - are you?! I find motivation in cheering on my friends with their fitness and health goals, talking about how great I feel after a workout, and feeling strong and healthy! We all want to look and feel great, but here's the thing, when you feel good and happy, you start to appreciate yourself a bit more, and that includes your body and how it looks! 

Let's rest when we need to! Quick story: I got a FitBit for Christmas and have become OBSESSED with getting as many steps in per day as possible - no matter what (I will maybe do a blog post on the FitBit soon)! I have also been battling a head-cold/sinus thing for what feels like forever. Yesterday I decided that I would rest WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT! I took some time to let my body heal and I will say today I am feeling a lot better. So, this year, instead of pushing through and feeling proud about how much I got done even though I wasn't feeling great - I will just rest when I need to and celebrate that. So, if you hear me bragging about how much I didn't do one day, you'll know why :) (note: my step count yesterday was only 2462)

And finally.... Let's do more Yoga!!! I am resolving to re-focus on my own practice more - something I often neglect when I am in "teacher mode". I always feel better when I practice more and assure you, you will too. There are still spots available for the Your Best Yoga classes if you want to sign up!! 

What are your New Years Resolutions and Goals?! Let me know in the Comment Section below :)