Hello There! 

Well, it feels pretty great to be here typing out a Blog Post (since it's been about 2 million years since I've written....) What can I say?? I was NOT feeling inspired to write. I hit a wall. I got busy with other things. I've missed you. 

Since I've been away, I've been happy to see that folks are still getting all sorts of information from this here Blog. This Post seems to be the most popular, which is a little concerning - are there that many of you feeling sick after Yoga?? I hope the post offers you some answers, and also encourages you to get back on your mat and try again!

I've stopped in today with a couple of Announcements!!!

First of all, Your Best Yoga is looking to EXPAND this Fall!! I would like to bring this program to more people in Winnipeg, and to do that, I am going to need to provide classes in different areas of the City. So, I am looking into additional City of Winnipeg Community Centres that will take our Beginner Friendly & inclusive Yoga program, in. I'm certainly open to suggestions as to which centres to approach, so if you are currently in a part of Winnipeg without readily available Yoga classes - let me know!! I hope to have an additional home for Your Best Yoga by August (we won't be leaving our original home of Winakwa CC) so stay tuned. 

My Second announcement is equally as exciting! Your Best Yoga will be offering a FREE/DONATION based OUTDOOR Yoga class on July 26th in support of Manitoba Underdogs Rescue!!!! Check out the poster below for all of the details. I really hope to see you there :) 

I have a couple of Blog posts planned for the next month, so, if all goes well, I'll see you again here real soon :) I hope you are enjoying Summer so far! 

- Sandra