Myth #2: You Have to "Calm your Mind" to Practice Yoga

This is part two of a three part series debunking some common Yoga Myths. If you have a Myth you would like to share or challenge me to debunk, share it in the comments below. If these Yoga Myth articles inspire you to try your first Yoga class - click here to sign up for classes in Winnipeg.

Yoga Cartoon By Gemma Correll

Yoga Cartoon By Gemma Correll

I've heard people say this many times - "I can't do Yoga because I just can't calm/empty my mind enough to focus".

Um, honestly….me too.

We have all seen the pictures of the calm Yogi sitting in meditation with his or her eyes closed, fingers in a Mudra, looking ever so peaceful.... but I bet at least half of them were thinking about what they were going to eat after that photo-shoot was finished. I'll be honest, sometimes I can totally focus in a Yoga class. I hear the teachers prompts to "be here now" and I am able to focus enough on the sensations in my body as I move through the poses to leave my worries behind for an hour. Other times, I don't even hear that prompt from the teacher because I am ruminating about something that happened the day before. Guess what? I am still getting a lot of benefits from moving through the practice. And take a second to re-read that last sentece - Yoga is a PRACTICE - so just keep practicing! The more you practice being mindful, being still, focusing on your breath, and keeping your attention in the present moment, the easier it may become.

In conclusion…. Please, don't let your "monkey mind" keep you from trying Yoga. Just keep showing up with all your worries and practice letting them go, even for a moment. You are still going to benefit from moving your body, taking those deep juicy breaths, and inviting yourself to relax, even if it's difficult some days, I promise.