Yoga Myth #3: Yoga is too Easy/Boring

This is part three, of a three part series, debunking some common Yoga Myths. If you have a Myth you would like to share or challenge me to debunk, share it in the comments below. If these Yoga Myth articles inspire you to try your first Yoga class - click here to sign up for Yoga in Winnipeg.

“I just can’t get into Yoga, it’s too boooorrrrinnggg…..”. I'm going to break this Myth into two categories - Those who have tried a Yoga class before, and those who have not.

For those who have taken a Yoga class and ended up finding it very boring or too easy, there could be a couple reasons.

1. Maybe you went to a class that was too easy for you - was it a Restorative or Yin class? Was it mostly floor based stretching? A lot of very athletic people, that are used to more intense exercise, will likely find a more passive form of Yoga very boring (they will benefit GREATLY from it - but that’s another article). But if they went to a more active style class - Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga - they may find it a bit more challenging, stimulating, and up to their speed. Those kinds of classes are sometimes referred to as the "gateways" to the other styles of Yoga for those who are coming from a very athletic background. Once you get bit by the Yoga "bug" and want to learn more and keep feeling good, you can venture into some of the other styles.

2. Maybe you didn't jive with the studio/instructor. There are many different styles of Yoga studios and ways teachers approach the practice. No two instructors are the same, so maybe it just wasn't a good fit.

3. Maybe Yoga just isn't for you at this point in your life. I said it. I truly believe Yoga is for Everyone, but that doesn't mean that everyone feels the same way. Fair enough.

Choosing the right style of Yoga can make a big difference!

Choosing the right style of Yoga can make a big difference!

For those who have never tried Yoga and just have a perception that it is too easy or boring....don’t knock it til you try it! Choose a class that you think is appropriate for your fitness level, understand that going to one Yoga class means you've gone to one Yoga class, and that each class will be different. Leave your ego at the door and really pay attention to how your body feels during and after. I bet it will feel pretty good! Quick story: I used to teach a class at a fitness centre that was attached to an army reserve base. I primarily had military spouses and family members in my classes, while the military personnel were working out in the weight room next door. Every now and then, someone finishing up their heavy lift would walk by our room and get curious. One very athletic looking man decided to come on in and give our Yoga class a try. His exact words after coming out of one of the poses were "I thought Yoga was easy and just stretching - I am sweating!". Too easy? I think not ;)