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Yoga for Kids: Mindfulness Jars

Yoga Mindfulness Jars are a fun and pretty way to help teach kids how to handle their emotions. They can help kids calm down and focus when they are struggling, and are great tools to help start the conversation about being mindful or "watching our thoughts". The idea is, the glitter represents our thoughts and feelings. Here's a little script as to how you can explain the mindfulness jar teaching to your kids, and even more importantly, how you can prompt them to use the jar to help them feel calm. 

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Real Life: I Quit my Job - Home Office Tour!!

Since I left my full time job in October I have been working on turning a spare room that was unsused except for junk (do other people have those rooms in their house - tell me I'm not alone here ;)) into a home office. I wanted to create a space that would motivate and inspire me to work, and also something that would help separate my daily personal life and my work life. I felt like if I did my work in my living room for example, I would have less boundaries as to what was "work time" and what was "netflix time". Now in the mornings when I get up I can actually still "go to the office" - but my commute is much more enjoyable! Take a look at the before and after pictures of the space below and read to the end to find out where you can find some similar pieces. Fun fact about me - Interior decorating/design is a very close second to Yoga when it comes to things I'm passionate about. 

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