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How to Clean your Yoga Mat - Tips and Products!

When people arrive at class and start rolling out their Yoga mats, I often hear one of a couple exclamations... "I left my mat in the car - it's frozen!" (It's very cold where I live), or "My mat really needs a wash". If I hear the second statement, it is often followed by the question - "how should I clean this thing?". We have a pretty intimate relationship with those mats of ours. We lay, sit, roll, and sometimes fall asleep on them, however, we clean them a lot less often than we do our homes, floors, or clothing. So, what is the best way to clean your Yoga mat? Here's a few ideas...

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Yoga Student Question: Is it Normal to feel Nauseated after my first Yoga Class?

I teach a lot of Beginners. If you've been reading here for awhile, you know that I find great joy in seeing someones journey from apprehension to pure love for their yoga practice. I also do my very best to try and dissolve the apprehension they may feel prior to their first class by ensuring them they will be safe and won't be forced to do anything they don't feel comfortable doing. When a student approaches me after class and I ask them about their experience, I always hope they will say it was "great", "better than they thought", or at the very least "it wasn't so bad". However, mixed in with the positive reviews, I have heard from a few students over the past year that they enjoyed their class, but now feel nauseated or had felt nauseated at some point during the class. I can often see the concern on their faces as they wonder what this "yoga thing" has done to their bodies! Today, I wanted to address this question/concern by sharing a few of the reasons you may feel nauseated - especially after your first class - and what you can do if this happens to you. 

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Yoga Student Question: Why can't I Balance??

When I teach balancing postures - Tree pose, Eagle Pose, Warrior 3 - I usually say at some point in the practice "If you fall over, just have a laugh and keep trying - it's just Yoga". In my experience as a Yoga teacher, I see the most frustration and stress around poses that involve balancing on one foot. If people cannot stay balanced, they get very discouraged and stressed and it can effect the rest of their practice as they carry those feelings into the next poses. So, today I wanted to address the question of "why the heck can't I balance on one foot?!" here on the blog. 

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