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Making Yoga Accessible for Children with Special Needs - Why it's Important to me

One of my offerings through Your Best Yoga that I don't talk much about is my "Your Best Kids" program. This program offers Yoga for children and youth with various and special needs, either in an in-home, private setting (I come to your home), or at school or other community organization. Today I wanted to give a bit of background on why this type of programming is so important to me and how I try to make Yoga accessible to children and youth with varying needs, so they can experience the joy, and many benefits, of Yoga and Mindfulness. 

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Yoga for Kids: Transition Activities - What they are & Why they're Important

When adults attend a Yoga class, the routine is generally the same. Arrive at the Yoga space, ready to relax, move your body and quiet the mind. Unroll your mat and lay in savasana until the teacher begins class or perhaps spend some time in your favourite restorative pose. The point is, you arrive to your Yoga class prepared for a Yoga practice. You are in "the yoga zone" already, and likely looking forward to leaving the rest of your day behind (or at the very least trying to) while you practice for the next hour or so.  

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Your Best Kids: Benefits of Yoga for Children and Youth with Various Needs

I am so very excited to finally launch Your Best Kids - a specialized Yoga program for children and Youth ages 6-16 with various needs. This program is for those children who may need additional support for a variety of reasons, including diagnosis of ADHD, FASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder. Please visit the Your Best Kids page for more information and feel free to contact me with any questions! Keep reading to learn much more about the benefits of Yoga for children with various needs. 

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