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Real Life: I Quit my Job - 2 Month Update!

Well, this week marks 2 months since I left my full-time day job to venture into Entrepreneurship and teaching Yoga full time. Although I was worried at first that I would find myself with lots of spare time to feel "bored" or "lazy", and ultimately miss the routine of going to work everyday, to be honest - I haven't. I have acclimated pretty quickly to this new lifestyle of making my own schedule and working for myself, and even though there are days where I feel like I spent more time relaxing than working, overall the time has flown over these past two months because I have been BUSY! It really is amazing how much you can accomplish when you have the time and energy to put toward your goals. Today I wanted to share a bit of an update of how the past two months have changed me and my business and a few of the lessons I've already learned. Then on Wednesday, I will be back on this here blog with some tips for those of you who may be looking to take a similar step into working for yourself or making a big career change, to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

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What I wish Someone would have told me when I first Started

It’s been a year since this Website and Blog went “Live” and I began the journey of turning my part-time Yoga teaching gig into a full on business venture. When I started, I remember desperately seeking out information and stories from others who had taken a similar path and could share some of the real-life, hard truths about what it would actually take to find “success” in this journey.

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