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Real Life: I Quit my Job - Tips for You!

If you're unhappy at work, feeling like there has got to be something more, or have been working on a side hustle for the last year or so, you may be at the point where you feel like it's time to move on from your current job. But how do you do it? Whether you are planning on leaving your job to work for yourself, start a business, go back to school, or simply change career fields, you may end up staying right where you are - happy or not - because the task of making the big change seems daunting. There are a lot of unknowns outside your current situation and that makes your current situation feel safe. Safe is nice. Safe can also be a dream killer. So, as a way to help you make your decision - stay or go - today I am giving you tips that I used, or wish I had used, when I was leaving my job.

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Real Life: I Quit my Job

On September 23rd I gave my 3-weeks notice (to my incredibly supportive boss) at my job of the last 4 years. I have made the decision to step out on my own and put everything in to growing my business and teaching Yoga. It has, and continues to be, one of the scarier things I've done in my life. It seems like a big risk, but at the same time, like something I HAD to do - for my soul and all that :) Since I gave my notice, I've been blogging in "draft" form and will now be sharing those posts every Wednesday for the next little while. I will be sharing my real-time feelings, thoughts, as well as tips and tricks for going out on your own, and of course, my wins and losses. Enjoy! 

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