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Pranayama for Beginners Part 3: How do you do it?

So, now you know what Pranayama is and how it can benefit your life and Yoga practice, I wanted to give you two of my favorite breathing techniques that can act as your first steps into the world of Pranayama. The first technique - Ujjayi Breath - is a wonderful breath to bring into your asana practice. I find it really helpful to use this breath to help keep me centered and present during my yoga practice, especially during longer holds. The second technique is one that you can practice on it's own during your day, or at the end of your yoga practice before you lay in savasana. Keep reading to learn how to practice these techniques! 

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Pranyama for Beginners Part 2: What does it Do?

Last week, we talked about what Pranayama actually is - the control or expansion of the breath. But what does that mean really? What does the practice of Pranayama actually do? Well, as you learn to practice different Pranayama techniques (I'll provide you with two great ones next week!) you will learn to actually change the depth of your breath, lengthen your inhales and exhales, and even change the rate of your pattern of breathing. But besides these physical aspects of the breath itself, there is much more Pranayama has to offer. 

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