Your Best Kids Programming Options: 

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Private in-home Sessions:

This program is designed to set your child up for success! This one-one, in home setting, may be the best fit if transitioning to new, unfamiliar environments is challenging or if different environments may be over-stimulating for your child. All that is required is enough space for 2 Yoga mats anywhere in your home! If the space that we will be using is usually a “play area” covering up the toys with sheets or blankets may help keep the area free of distractions. I will provide the mat, and any other props that may be used (Yoga blocks, Yoga straps, fidgets, blanket etc.). Breathing exercises, mindfulness tools, meditations, and Yoga poses will be introduced in these sessions based on your child’s individual needs and strengths.

 Private Session Investment:

 Intro to Yoga- $160.00 (Includes 1 consult with parents/caregiver, meet-and- greet with Child, and 3 Yoga Sessions)

 Additional Sessions - $50.00 each or 5 for $200.00 (Discount provided based on number of sessions booked)

 *Parents/caregivers must be home during Yoga sessions. Please email me regarding in-home small group class fees. 

If you are interested in this program, please fill out the referral form at the bottom of the page. 

Coming from a Non-Profit background, I understand there are families who may benefit from this programming, but are unable to afford the fees. I will accept referrals from professionals working with a family who are unable to afford the cost of services and choose 1 family to provide 1 free “Intro to Yoga” in-home package to quarterly (1 family each in January, March, June, and September) in an attempt to meet the needs of low-income families.

Schools and Community Organisations:

 Special rates and programming options can be made to meet the needs of your school or organisation.

 Please contact me for more information.


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