"I have designed the Your Best Yoga programming to meet you where you are at now - perhaps having never tried Yoga - and grow with you in the future. The classes are offered in 6 week sessions to provide you with time to grow and learn, but not overwhelm your life with commitment. These 6 weeks are set up to provide sequential learning so each week you will build on the skills and principals you learned the week before. After you have built up your practice and confidence in the Beginner session - some people take the Beginner session 2 or 3 times to get a really solid foundation - it's time to move on to the Beginner Level 2 or maybe even a faster paced Flow Style class. Additionally, sometimes classes are offered as "Drop In", so you can try them whenever the time feels right or when you simply want to try a different style of class. If a Drop-in class suits your needs best, you have the option of purchasing a 3 or 6 week pass which is an even better value than a single drop in. If you have any questions about which class is right for you, please email me so we can chat! See you in class." - Sandra  

For more information on the values that Your Best Yoga was created on, click here and here